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How to Deal with the Vibration and Noise of Hydraulic System?

Vibration and noise of hydraulic equipment mainly come from the mechanical transmission part and the hydraulic system itself. Generally, the inspector can preliminarily judge the part where the vibration and noise occur by ear-listening.

The main reason for the vibration and noise of the hydraulic system is the mismatch between the hydraulic pump and the system parameters. So it’s necessary to take the following measures:

1. Prevent the vibration and noise caused by the hydraulic pump

If the noise is caused by the loose of motor base, the fixing screw for pump frame, the motor and the coupling, etc., then we should fasten them.

If other transmission parts like V-belts, bearings, gears, etc. occur failure, we should replace the transmission parts in time.

When the hydraulic pump is too noisy, check whether the sealing ring is damaged or the oil filter is blocked.

If the hydraulic pump sucks air, we can hear a low “pupu” sound, accompanied by the vibration of the oil inlet pipe. At this time, we should apply grease or soapy water to the suspicious place to see if there is any air leakage. If there is air leakage, replace the sealing ring or clean the oil filter. When the vibration and noise of the hydraulic pump suddenly increase, the hydraulic pump may be damaged suddenly. And we should shut it down for maintenance.

2. Prevent the vibration and noise caused by hydraulic oil

We should filter the oil more often and check the quality of the oil regularly. So it can avoid vibration, noise and heat caused by the contamination of the oil. Besides, we should check the oil tank regularly to avoid air is sucked in due to low oil level.


3. Prevent the vibration and noise caused by various valve bodies

First, check whether the sealing ring of the valve is damaged. Avoid vibration and noise due to air leakage.

Second, check whether the solenoid of the valve fails. And if it fails, replace it in time.

The third is to check whether the fastening screws of the valve are loose to avoid chattering.


4. Prevent the vibration and noise caused by the pipe

We should control the oil temperature in the system. At the meanwhile, prevent the vibration and noise caused by the leakage of the oil suction pipe, the loosening of the pipe clamp of the high pressure pipeline and the unreasonable installation position of the components.